Dispute resolution

Whether it is an individual or collective dispute, this experience can quickly escalate and become stressful if it is poorly prepared and managed. We guide you in the choice of possible options by evaluating their risk, formalism, and duration so that you can engage in a resolution as an actor or take back control if you are attacked.


Our lawyers work alongside their clients to prevent litigation and negotiate in their interests.

  • risk measurement
  • development and implementation of a negotiation strategy
  • drafting of the acts formalizing the amicable agreement

Mediation / Conciliation

Our lawyers help you choose the best option by enlightening you on the solution the judge would have adopted.

  • information on the mediation process
  • mediation support
  • drafting of the acts formalizing the mediation

Initiated or Undergone Proceedings

Our lawyers defend their clients' interests with vigor and pugnacity before all jurisdictions

  • disciplinary and ordinal proceedings
  • conventional alternatives or preliminary procedures
  • litigation proceedings before all jurisdictions


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